Zhangjiagang Wilford Thermal Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing the medium and small sized boilers with high quality to solve the high energy efficiency requirements of customers in industrial and commercial fields for steam and heat sources. We supply the whole solution of boilers and boiler systems, reduce energy consumption, save operating costs for each plant, enhancing the environmental protection requirements.

Since 1998, the company are insisted on intelligent and lean production as the leading factor to ensure that each product is super safe and high quality. The fuel, gas and electric heating boilers have high technical content. The company has won many inventions, many high-tech products and new technology and new product awards. We regard the boiler’s efficiency index and extremely low nitrogen emission requirements as the main innovation objectives, Keep unremitting efforts in the environmental protection and energy saving of boilers.

Our products have obtained ASME, CE, SIGAPORE MOM, MALAYSIA DOSCH, AUSTRALIAN WORK SAFE, RUSSIA CU-TR and other certification, the local registration of various countries and other problems are very professional, we have a very strong service team, good service for each customer is our only pursuit.


In 1998 In 1998
In 2000 In 2000
In 2003 In 2003
In 2004 In 2004
In 2005 In 2005
In 2008 In 2008
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In 1998

the founder Mr Bao Pinzhong set up Wilford company and be focus on middle&small industrial boiler.

In 2000

Wilford produced the first hot selling product vertical fuel gas steam boiler.

In 2003

Wilford produced the horizontal gas steam boiler with three pass.

In 2004

Wilford produced the horizontal gas steam boiler with three pass.

In 2005

Wilford produced the high – power electric heating boiler to fill the market blank.

In 2008

Wilford factory succeed to gain B class boiler manufacturer certificate.

In 2013

Wilford factory gained ASME S&U certificate.

In 2016

Wilford provided the one-stop boiler room system,including installation,commissioning

In 2017

Wilford become the standard drafting unit of electric boiler.

In 2018

Wilford has twenty years’ history, Keep the initial determination in mind, work hard to do environmental protection boiler.