Every year our old customers from El Salvador purchase about 10 vertical gas-fired steam boilers from our factory. Customers’ projects continue to increase, and our boiler orders are also increasing year by year. Boilers are widely used in the food industry. First, steam boilers are used for food cooking. The food needs to go through a lot of decoction procedures from raw food to mature food. All of these require a steam boiler to complete, and food as an imported product must be sufficiently clean and hygienic. A steam boiler with high environmental protection and no pollution is the best choice.

Secondly, a steam boiler is needed for the distillation of food processing. The process of distillation refers to the effective separation of various moisture in the food through the steam boiler. The distillation process is to prepare the food for the next processing operation.

Finally, food for consumption must be sterilized and dried. The steam boiler can provide high-temperature and high-quality steam to make the food reach the finished product standard after drying and disinfection.