1440KW (MAX) electrical heating steam boiler ,for the Republic of Uruguay.Rated evaporation:2T/h.2880KW (4t) steam capacity under manufacturing,the destination is Ethiopia. The rated evaporation capacity of the electric steam boiler is 1-10T/h, input power: 1080-10800KW, voltage: 380V. Our sales staff will choose different types of boilers according to the actual needs of customers, and can customize special boilers to meet customer needs.

Steam boilers have a wide range of applications, and can be applied to: packaging machinery supporting; sleeve labeling machine supporting; sealing machine supporting; shrink film sleeve labeling machine; biological equipment supporting; food machinery supporting; sterilizing tank supporting; Matching with fermentation tank; Matching with emulsifier; Matching with stirring pot; Matching with bacteria tank; Matching with reaction kettle; Matching with sandwich pot; Matching with disinfection cabinet; Matching with evaporation box; Matching with tofu machine; Matching with clothing machinery; Matching with dry cleaning machine; matching with dryer; heating and humidifying; bridge maintenance, etc.