Small electric steam boilers with compact size, automatic water feeding pumps inside, fully automatic water level and pressure control, could continuous work.

The application range of electric steam generators includes almost all industries where steam can be used as a heat source, such as machinery packaging, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, concrete curing and other equipment.

1. Mechanical packaging: As a conventional equipment in packaging machinery, electric steam generators can be used with sealing machines, coding machines, sleeve labeling machines, shrinking furnaces, etc.

2. Biopharmaceutical: daily cleaning and disinfection is an important link in the production process of sterile drugs. It runs through the entire process of biopharmaceuticals. The electric steam generator is steam clean and has good sterilization effects. It is an indispensable steam in biopharmaceuticals. Heat source.

3. Food processing: the daily steaming, boiling, frying and frying in food factories and restaurants, where heating is indispensable, cannot be separated from electric steam generators.

4. Supporting chemical equipment: such as stirring pot, emulsifier, fermentation tank, extraction tank, etc., all of these heat-using equipment can be provided with steam heat source by electric steam generator.

5. Concrete curing: electric steam generator curing cement products are mostly used in cold winter seasons, steam heating and moisturizing, provide suitable hardening conditions for concrete, can effectively improve the strength of cement products and prevent dry pattern cracks.