In winter, hot water boilers sell well, orders continue, horizontal fuel oil/gas hot water boiler delivery.

1. CWNS series hot water boiler is three-pass all wet back shell type structure.Main body includs boiler shell, furnace, boiler smoke chamber and convection bank. convection smoke tube is made by threaded pipes, enhance heat transfer.”

2. Big furnace , high radiation area,three return design, full air combustion, good usage of heating surface.Smoke tubes add disturb fins inside , increasing heating area , self-clean for dust ,improving heat transfer effectiveness. Using high thermal resistance of insulation materials-minimum boiler heat losses.

3. More than 90% thermal efficiency. Intelligent,fully automatic control, over-temperature stand by. Anti-freezing in cold winter night,automatic adjust heating supply temperature base on out door temperature ,which , maximum achieve energy saving .”

4. Imported burner ,pressure spray ,complete burning ,low noise .Reduced combustion intensity ,decrease dust emissions ,output of harmful gases such as NOx emissions reduced to the minimum, meet serious environmental requirements.