In order to meet the needs of customers, we launched the “Fully skid mounted steam boiler “, customers do not install.

LSS0.25 /LSS0.05 gas fired steam generator (boiler) in this case, equipped with soft water processor. Rated evaporation :0.25/0.05 t/h, rated working pressure :0.7 mpa. The boiler produces heat energy through the combustion of fuel, and the heat energy is transferred to the water in the boiler, the energy is converted, the temperature of water is raised, and finally steam or hot water is produced.

Because the water contains calcium and magnesium plasma, after heating the water will form insoluble carbonate sediment, accumulated to form scale.

After scaling, the heat transfer performance of the heating surface becomes worse, which affects the normal water circulation, the internal heat transfer of the boiler, reduces the evaporation performance of the boiler, and causes the boiler to have insufficient output.

One of the effective methods to prevent scale: equipped with soft water treatment equipment. The soft water treatment equipment adopts the principle of ion exchange to remove scaling ions such as calcium and magnesium in water, thus preventing the formation of scale.

The most common methods of cleaning boiler scale are mechanical scale removal and chemical method. The chemical method is to use corrosive scale remover for cleaning. The mechanical method is to use mechanical tools to clean up the scale of the boiler.