Winter is the peak period of boiler usage. What should we pay attention to? The editor takes everyone to find out.

This winter is cold, and the boiler is in use, its automatic control and interlocking protection devices should be intact and should not be operated in an unprotected state.

Steam pipes should not have exposed pipes, with complete insulation, and the non-flowing parts of the pipes should be emptied as much as possible. Those who cannot be emptied should be discharged regularly or adopt micro-flow methods to prevent the pipes from freezing.

If the boiler is not used for a long time in winter, all the water in the furnace and the system should be drained, and dry maintenance measures should be taken after drying.

In winter, the boiler that is not continuously running is restarted after a short-term shutdown. Before starting the boiler, confirm whether the steam pipe is frozen, whether the feedwater pump can supply water normally, and whether the feedwater pump can fill the boiler normally even if it can be started, the water level indicator indicates whether It is true and reliable without false water level. The temperature rise should be slow, and the safety valve should be manually discharged to ensure that there is no rust, freezing and jamming and other problems that cause the safety valve to fail.

Remember to pay attention to whether there is a normal water level in the boiler, in order to defrost the boiler and pipes, first heat the boiler and then fill it with water.