Steam boilers refer to industrial boilers that heat water to certain parameters and produce high temperature steam, The water is heated into steam in the pot, Fire emits heat in the furnace, Is the principle of steam boiler. Steam boilers are special equipment, The design, processing, manufacture, installation and use of the boiler must be supervised by the technical supervision department, The user only obtains the boiler use certificate, To use steam boilers.

Heating equipment (burner) releases heat, First absorbed by the water wall through radiation heat transfer, The water on the wall boils and vaporizes, Produce a large amount of steam into the drum for steam separation (except DC furnace), The separated saturated vapor enters the superheater, Continue to absorb the flue gas heat from the top and horizontal flue and tail flue through radiation and convection, And make superheated steam to the required working temperature.

Steam boiler requirements :
1, before the steam boiler fire, Check that all valve pipes, steam pipes, pressure gauges, safety valves, water level meters, drain valves are in good condition.
2. steam boiler water must be softened, And keep it clean. A strong protective cover shall be provided outside the glass tube of the
3. water level meter, The outside should be kept clean. One flush per shift, See if the surface of the water table can rise or fall rapidly. If you see the water in the water table, The cause should be immediately identified, Prevent the formation of false water levels.
4.The safety valve on the steam boiler must not be adjusted arbitrarily. When the pressure gauge reaches more than 80% of the allowable working pressure, the safety valve should be vented once. It is strictly forbidden to tie or embed the valve stem.
5. steam boiler boosts pressure, Check that the valve is sensitive, And should always pay attention to the water level, Keep it at 2/3 of the water table.
6. the steam boiler is found to have one of the following conditions, the furnace should be stopped urgently :
(1) the air pressure rises rapidly beyond the allowable working pressure, although the safety valve has been fully opened, the air pressure continues to rise ;
(2) the water level in the water level table can not be seen or the water level in the water level table drops rapidly, although the water level continues to fall ;
(3) one of the accessories such as pressure gauge, water level gauge, safety valve, drain valve and feed water has all failed.
(4) Red-burning deformation of furnace tanks or other pipes, as well as serious leakage, air leakage, etc.
7. the emergency shutdown, first of all, stop burning, close the air door, open the furnace door and exhaust valve, if due to water shortage accident, it is strictly prohibited to immediately add water to the furnace.